Franchike – Boost your franchise program

We invest in the growth of your franchise network in Portugal

Why do high quality franchising programmes have difficulty in growing in Portugal?

There are certainly many reasons why an excellent franchise programme do not succeed in other geographies, but they all can be narrowed down to:

The Solution


Legally and operationally

More flexible

It allows to adjust the contribution of MyF to the ambitions and needs of the franchisor.


to implement.

FRANCHike is an adapted and flexible way of being your representative in Portugal.
Specifically, Myf and the franchisor who wishes to boost their network, enter into a representation contract whereby MyF:

For each new franchisee we add to the franchise network:

You, as the franchisor, only take the risk of making money!

With FRANCHike, you don’t have to invest either money or your operational resources in finding and managing franchisees, that will be MyF’s responsibility.

Why choose Master Your Franchise?

We can design your FRANCHike

Your FRANCHike programme is tailored to your needs, and taking into account your concerns and interests.

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